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Supporting CEO's & Managers in developing excellence in management, leadership and life.

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Our Mission

In every coaching session, we measure progress against goals, ‘blueprint’ and actions taken since the last session. We work together to address all areas of executive leadership including: negotiation, change management, leadership presence, effective management skills, time management, communication, conflict resolution, motivating employees, personal branding and so on.

Graduates of our coaching programs consistently report:

  • Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results

  • Greater voice and visibility

  • Enhanced authenticity, authority and credibility

  • Greater recognition and reward for accomplishments

  • Career advancement, including promotions, and higher level projects

  • Enhanced organizational awareness and ease with navigating politics

  • Improved leadership skills, confidence and presence

  • Achievement of ‘stretch’ goals

  • Increased business results

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About Me

After selling my third company for 8 figures, I realized that there was something missing. Soon after, I met my coaching mentor in San Francisco. Coaching provided me with the key to becoming self-actualized, clear, effective and fulfilled.

I have over 35 years’ experience in technology, entrepreneurship and executive coaching. I have written two books (for McGraw-Hill & Bantam), numerous articles and white papers, published a technical newsletter and lectured in the US and the UK.

My initial business pursuits were self-taught: software development, writing articles and books for software developers and system administrators and then building tech companies.

One of my greatest joys is to support you in that process, from clarity through vision and then living a centered life…living that vision.

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I began working with Charles Rose soon after I received an offer to sell the digital health company that I started in 2015 and built into a thriving business. I retained Charles to gain clarity regarding a potential exit and answer a lot of questions that were floating in my mind. If I had to describe Charles' coaching process and my experience with it, I would say PHENOMENAL! In just a few sessions, Charles helped me achieve clarity on my goals for the business, for myself and for a potential sale, as well as craft actionable next steps to accomplish them.

As I proceeded into due diligence with one of the potential acquiring companies, Charles continued to add value by helping me visualize the outcome and develop plans for daily execution. At each stage in our coaching, Charles knew exactly what I needed to think through, in order to achieve better clarity and spring forward into action with a good decision. Now, that the transaction has closed, and I've had an opportunity to reflect, I'm grateful that Charles coached me through a process that allowed me to achieve unparalleled clarity during this important milestone. I highly recommend Charles as an executive coach for anyone looking to make a significant career decision or develop a plan that supports high performance.

-- Sandra Shpilberg, President & Founder, Seeker Health

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"Charles coached me for several months. We worked particularly on sharpening the purpose of my business and life. That was of great help in defining next action points and areas of focus. It was also helpful in understanding better what goals I could defer—or let go. Charles showed tremendous patience in his coaching. Yet he always ensured there was a concrete, workable outcome at the end of each session. You can tell Charles has been through many of the same issues a client may be dealing with. Yet he gives the client room to come to their own conclusion on what the best course of action is. Any executive looking for a personal/business coach, I strongly recommend Charles."

— Roland Siebelink, Founder & CEO, Scaleup Allies

"As life would have it, things happen for a reason and I had the good stroke of luck to be referred to Charles Rose by a friend who had seen Charles for coaching. I saw Charles for 10 one hour sessions over 10 weeks. Each week I learned something new about myself as well as better ways of looking at and handling some of life's challenges. Charles was instrumental in coaching me out of a slump in my life. His insights, calm supportive manner, and positive approach had an incredible impact on me that has lasted to this day. Charles truly helped me change the way I look at life and helped me understand many of the challenges I was facing. I would highly recommend Charles to anyone struggling for answers to any of life’s challenging questions."

— Jay McNeil, CPO & Executive Director, BeYouPromise

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Suck It Up, Buttercup!

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Trust in the Digital Age

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What did you expect?

"As a busy entrepreneur, I often find myself being taken into many different directions. While I understand the need to maintain focus -- to key one's eye on the goal post, so to speak, it can be difficult when dealing with the demands of business operations, human resources, marketing and so on. I have found that a business coach, especially someone like Charles Rose, who has "been there before" in the business world, becomes not only a member of my board of advisors, but is someone to help me stay focused."

— Derrold Norgaard, FCPA, Ironwood Clay, Green Sky Labs