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Transformational coaching for driven entrepreneurs

Find clarity and purpose through holistic executive coaching. Rejuvenate your health, wealth, relationships and spiritual well-being with Charles Rose. 

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I use a three-step coaching process for personal transformation.

First, we look for clarity across every aspect of your life. By completing an inventory of your thoughts, beliefs and habits, we find where you are “stuck.”  Many of us are surviving without thriving.

Next, we jettison the emotional baggage. Anger, resentment, fear and insecurity are heavy burdens for executives and business leaders.

Finally, we envision where you want to go and what it takes to get there. This vision stage provides purpose and a plan for transformation.

I first met Charles when I was going through a significant transition in my personal and professional life. After my first interactions with Charles I knew that he was the right coach for me because he brought his own life experiences in entrepreneurship and spiritual calling to our relationship.

He was able to gain rapport with me very quickly through the use of his non judgment and complete acceptance approach. Through our sessions, Charles uses a systemic approach to hold a safe space that allows for deep inner personal work. I’ve been speaking to Charles for over 3 years and our sessions have been fundamental to my professional and spiritual growth during this time.

I would highly recommend Charles to anyone looking to grow themselves through a wholistic view of their lives. I consider him not only a great coach/mentor, but also a great friend.

Alberio Bathory-Frota, Founder & CEO


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Every executive needs a Charles Rose in their lives. Let me rephrase that. Every person who believes in growth, kindness, mindfulness, spirituality, deep thinking and leadership needs a Charles Rose. The last 12 months working together with Charles have been one of the highlights of my career. I've been addressing and working on things differently using his methodology, care and thoughtful questions. Charles, "You're special; you're a Cadillac," as Don Rickles would say. Thank you for being part of my journey and helping me elevate myself with love, grace and dedication.

André Buarque, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer


Life Assessment

This free, downloadable questionnaire evaluates your life and your habits. By grading yourself in self-care, lifework, relationships, fear and acts of will, you see the places where you may need extra attention and support. 

This is an abbreviated version of the personal inventory used in my 1-1 sessions. It looks at some of the themes addressed in my full-scale executive coaching program.

I began working with Charles Rose soon after I received an offer to sell the digital health company that I started in 2015 and built into a thriving business. I retained Charles to gain clarity regarding a potential exit and answer a lot of questions that were floating in my mind.
If I had to describe Charles' coaching process and my experience with it, I would say PHENOMENAL! In just a few sessions, Charles helped me achieve clarity on my goals for the business, for myself and for a potential sale, as well as craft actionable next steps to accomplish them.
As I proceeded into due diligence with one of the potential acquiring companies, Charles continued to add value by helping me visualize the outcome and develop plans for daily execution. At each stage in our coaching, Charles knew exactly what I needed to think through, in order to achieve better clarity and spring forward into action with a good decision.
Now, that the transaction has closed, and I've had an opportunity to reflect, I'm grateful that Charles coached me through a process that allowed me to achieve unparalleled clarity during this important milestone. I highly recommend Charles as an executive coach for anyone looking to make a significant career decision or develop a plan that supports high performance. 

Sandra Shpilberg, Co-Founder of Adnexi, Founder & CEO


Charles Rose

I’ve always been interested in people and their psychological dynamics. When my father was elected to the House of Representatives, we moved from North Carolina to Washington D.C., and I got a front row seat on the twists and turns of political life.

I became an avid people watcher. With my father in high-level politics, I saw the strain on our family. Between the congressional debates and society events, I didn’t see much of my parents during my childhood. I usually learned about my father’s work by reading the newspapers.

One of my earliest coaching attempts was a family meeting where I encouraged open communication. However, my parents weren’t ready for that kind of honesty.

I became interested in spirituality and technology. I listened to the Dalai Lama speak on Capitol Hill. It was amazing to hear someone so thoughtful and compassionate. My father championed new technologies in his work, and I got 15 minutes on the phone with Steve Jobs. I sensed Steve’s energy and passion, and I knew he was changing the world. 

My two paths were psychology and technology. My father said technology was the better career choice, and I spent a decade as a software developer before becoming an entrepreneur. I founded, developed and sold several businesses. My entrepreneurial years peaked with the sale of my financial technology company for $10 million. It was a turning point, but not in the way I expected.




"Charles Rose is an incredible Executive Performance Coach that I highly recommend for anyone looking for guidance and support in finding their purpose and aligning with their company's trajectory. As someone who has started and sold several successful companies, Charles truly understands the highs and lows of being an executive and the importance of finding fulfillment in your work.

Charles has a unique coaching approach that focuses on mindfulness and universal principles, which he practically applies to help his clients discover their true selves. He helped me shine a light into the dark places within myself, shift my limiting beliefs, and create a vision that was authentic to me. He also provided me with tools and a structure to live my purpose and vision.

I highly recommend Charles as your coach if you're looking to live a more centered life and achieve your personal and professional goals. His experience, knowledge, and skills make him an incredible guide on your journey of self-discovery and fulfillment." - Jason Swanson, VP of Growth, Patronscan

Jason Swanson, VP of Growth